Kakadu Australia Poncho


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Kakadu Australia. Heavy Weight Rain Poncho. Extra Long
Long Rain Poncho. Extra Wide
Kakadu Traders Outdoor Collection
In the outback there is a whole lot of nothings in between the somethings so you learn to pack for all situations. that's where the Poncho comes in handy providing protection off and on. The Poncho is large enough to fit over all your gear. the sides then snap closed on the sides and the hood with beak and draw cord face adjustment keep you toasty and dry when its wet out. When your camped. use the webbing reinforced eyelets on outer edge to string up your poncho to make a lean-to or open tent or cinch the hood tight and you've got a ground sheet. Material: 100% Cotton. MicroWax Oilskin. One size fits all

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